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You want the best - the best doctor, the best lawyer, the best dentist. You seek recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers - the people you trust. It stands to reason that you would seek the best real estate agent to assist you with your largest financial transaction. 

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  • Minimum of five years experience.

  • Holders of advanced, industry recognized designations.

  • Informative web site.

  • Daily response to emails.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with a link to a top real estate professional in the town of your choice. When a Realtor requests a link on this site we utilize industry publications to verify their experience and qualifications. If the Realtor meets our requirements, a link is provided. We screen - you decide. Your name and contact information is not required. You will not be contacted by anyone without your permission. 

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General Facts

For Alabama

Alabama real estate - homes for sale
Median Household Income: $ 34,232
Income (w/Children): $ 50,210
Population: 4,351,999
Land Area: 50,750 Square Miles
Population Density: 86 Persons per square mile
Nickname: Heart of Dixie
State Capital: Montgomery
Date of Statehood: December 14, 1819
State Bird: Yellowhammer
State Flower: Camellia
State Tree: Southern Pine


Alabama is located in the East South Central United States, at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains and on the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the principal states of the South and is often referred to as the Heart of Dixie. In the course of about 450 years, Spanish, French, British, and Confederate flags, as well as the Stars and Stripes, have flown over Alabama, and residents of the state have a deep-seated sense of history. Alabama entered the Union on December 14, 1819, as the 22nd state. The state capital, Montgomery, became the provisional capital of the Confederate States of America in 1861 and is popularly known as the Cradle of the Confederacy.
Alabama received its name from the Alabama River, which in turn was named after a Native American tribe that inhabited the region at the time the first Europeans arrived. The name is believed to be a combination of two Choctaw words roughly meaning vegetation (alba) and gatherer (amo), which were applied to the Alabama, or Alibamon, people. While the state proudly displays its "Heart of Dixie" nickname on vehicle license plates, Alabama is also known as the Yellowhammer State. This nickname dates from the American Civil War (1861-1865), when a company of Alabama soldiers decked their uniforms with yellow trimmings that resembled the wing patches of the yellowhammer.
Alabama covers 52,237 square miles, including 968 square miles of inland water and 519 square miles of coastal water over which the state has jurisdiction. It is the 30th largest state in the Union. Roughly rectangular in shape, Alabama has a maximum distance north to south of 331 miles and a maximum distance east to west of 210 miles. The mean elevation is about 500 feet.